We carry out some of our projects in collaboration with public and private entities that rely on our skills to implement cultural policies and territorial promotion actions. At the same time, through a careful and daily search for calls and funding opportunities in the national and European fields, we design and realize projects that allow us to achieve the objectives of our company

POPMOlise – Loose festival of popular Molise

It is a project with the aim of promote, disseminate and inform about the popular culture of Molise. The intention is to increase both the exposure of the touristic, environmental and cultural resources and the visibility of the typical productions, through Loose Actions in all the Molise area, Widespread Events proposed in real and virtual spaces and in collaboration with local communities and companies. The Actions and Events will be carried out and promoted in two spaces, a real one – Spazio Sfuso, a coworking area where the good ideas won’t be alone, a modern and dynamic area in which the companies will work every day together with our teamwork to build a more sustainable future – and a virtual one – POPMOlise portal, a virtual place where, through the story of Molise’s popular culture, the companies involved in the partnership network will find spaces for promotion and sale

by: JustMO’

Project co funded by: Rural Development Programme 2014/2020 of Regione Molise - Measure 19 – Sub measure 19.2 - Action 19.2.5 Local Development Plan “Verso il Bio territorio intelligente, inclusivo e ospitale

In partnership with: GAL Molise verso il 2000 Legacoop Molise | MuSE a.p.s. local companies and communities

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Territorial animation project that takes place in the municipalities of the internal area of Fortore in Molise with the aim of seeking and supporting cooperatives and people who have activated, or intend to activate, sustainable development actions in their territories. ALL-interno will provide support in the construction of the idea and will contribute to the creation of a network of good practices to accompany the establishment of new cooperatives. The project also aims to inform the territories on the financial and planning possibilities proposed by the Strategia Nazionale Aree Interne - SNAI  (National Strategy for Internal Areas)

On behalf of:  Legacoop Molise

Supported by : Coopfond

In partnership with: SNAI Fortore

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Technical assistance within the EXCOVER project -Experience, Discover & Valorise Hidden Treasure Towns and Sites of Adriatic Area- a project funded under the programme “Italy – Croatia 2014/2020”, of which the Municipality of Campobasso is one of the 13 partners. The aim of the project is to enhance the naturalistic and cultural sites of some areas of Italy and Croatia that are less known to the major tourist flows and that represent a heritage of inestimable value for visitors but above all for citizens. The main goal of this project is to reduce this gap between resources and tourists, contributing to an equal and sustainable territorial and seasonal distribution of tourist flows, all this through the activation of PARTICIPATIVE PROCESSES with the involvement of the local population for the identification and enhancement of the local cultural heritage

On behalf of : Comune di Campobasso
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Conception, artistic direction and setting up of the MOLISE ART path that takes place in the corridors and in the rooms of the Radio-oncological Treatment Centre Gemelli Molise. MOLISE ART flanks the technology of the latest generation machineries for the treatment of tumours to an artistic project whose purpose is to support the long, slow and difficult route that the oncological patients have to face.

The word ART stands not only for its narrowest meaning, but also for beauty; the same beauty that characterizes the history of our land with its roots plunged along the grassy ways that connected the mountains of Abruzzo and Molise with the plains of Puglia: the Tratturi. Two transition paths, the ancient one made by the shepherds and the current one followed by the patients, both marked with uncertainties, absences and doubts but enriched by the stories and encounters made during the journey. Thus, welcoming patients by accompanying them into a place that stimulates memories and that tells a story of beauty and culture takes on a fundamental value in offering them relief. The project MOLISE ART goes on in three different spaces: the corridor, the waiting rooms and the machinery rooms, linked by the overall concept conceived and set up by JustMO '

On behalf of: Gemelli Molise spa

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Study and creation of the setting up project of the Civic Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Campobasso, in particular the section dedicated to the cycle "The Divine Comedy" by the local artist Antonio Pettinicchi. Management of spaces and openings with staff designated to the surveillance and reception of the visiting public. Management and promotion of the coordinated communication of the Gallery through social channels. Organization and promotion of cultural events, guided tours and educational workshops in the spaces of the Gallery suitable for general public, families and schools

On behalf of: Comune di Campobasso

In partnership with: Direzione regionale Musei del Molise

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