Ovunque vado in Molise ho un tetto,
ho un letto, ho una mensa, ho le favole"
Giose Rimanelli

cultural and creative company

Our idea of cultural company rises from the desire to link together our different skills in order to realize ideas, projects and opportunities that have the cultural growth of the communities and the territories as the very centre of their interest.

We have our roots in the name: Molise. We understood from the history and the millenary culture of our region that is the man, with its patrimony of knowledge, to determine the form and the content of the territories together with their culture. We want to help define the substance of our future and the one of our communities by accompanying them in the fusion of new knowledge with the ancient ones, in the discovery of new languages and in opening towards other cultures.

Starting from here we offer both services and spaces to create networks, give opportunities for meetings, improve the quality of the experience, increase the understanding and open the perspectives.

With our feet on the ground, the hands on a keyboard and the gaze beyond the hedge