About Us

justMO' is a cooperative company. Our name tells what we are and where we have decided to look: to the idea of ​​speed and immediacy contained in the meaning of the English term Just, to which we have joined MO, that stands for Molise, the land where we live, that we love and from where we start. In the Molise dialect iust mò expresses a concept very similar to the English term: something that has to happen or that is happening right now, an exhortation and incentive to act, to do. Words and actions that represent the Molise in which we believe and that we want to build: a fast, international and young Molise, ready to seize opportunities for growth while respecting its essence

Francesco Marino

Historian, dad and gamer, constantly moving between design and cooperation

After graduating in History, he obtained a Master's degree in Enhancement of Cultural Heritage and another one in European Community Project Design. In the course of his research, he has always paid close attention to the cultural values of his homeland and to the growth opportunities that their development and promotion could offer to the region.

Thanks to his technical skills in designing and using web tools, he is the group’s nerd, the one who always makes his best to search for innovative solutions and new ways to talk about us in the virtual world in which we are moving


Silvia Santorelli

Archaeologist attentive to museum didactics, builds stories between ancient and contemporary

Specialized archaeologist with a Master’s degree in Design and Promotion of Cultural Landscape. After several archeological research collaborations at important national sites, she hung her boots on the nail and chose to dedicate herself to cultural design and museum education. By now every find of Molise’s museums greets her when it sees her passing! As enabled guide, she is always at full speed in creating the image of the journey and of the experience. Careful in organizing specific routes for audiences with particular needs and also constantly focused on the fight of educational poverty


Luca Iosue

Consultant in the creation of business networks and commercial support to companies

Graduated in Business Administration, over the years he has gained a deep knowledge of the business realities of the territory becoming an expert in marketing, dealing with training and mentoring startups, product positioning and market analysis. Born and raised in Molise, he has an international look thanks to a know-how acquired during the experiences he had abroad. He uses words to tighten relations with the partners and stakeholders of our projects like a fisherman who uses the hook to untie the knots of his nets. He is always late or on the phone


Nella Rescigno

Art historian, mother and storyteller of places with the nose up and the feet on the “tratturo” of Altilia

Graduated in conservation of Cultural Heritage, specialized in protection and enhancement of historical and artistic heritage. Professional of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Molise, cultural disseminator and authorized tourist guide. She believes in cultural planning as a tool to activate the processes of social and economic development of the territory.

There is no artistic place or statue of Saint that doesn’t call her by name and that she hasn’t closely scrutinized in her continuous work of research, cataloguing and communication of the artistic heritage of Molise, often told in the exhibitions that she has curated


Michele Fratino

Archaeologist and blacksmith, mediator of rural communities, he gives shape to the immaterial

Iron craftsman graduated in Cultural and Environmental Heritage Sciences with a specialization in Archaeological and Artistic Heritage. Committed in the regional territory as a Mediator of Rural Communities in projects to enhance intangible heritage and popular culture, especially in the internal areas. He has combined the skills acquired in the workshop with his university studies, dealing with archaeological reconstructions, museum installations and exhibition routes. More than event planner he is an event consumer


Collaborano con noi

Riccardo Gentile Lorusso

Riccardo has a degree in Theory and Technique of Conservation of Cultural Heritage with a master’s in communication for Tourism. Since he was a child, he has been surrounded by art, statues, canvases and restoration tools. He enriched his training in cultural strategies around Europe. With JustMO’ he deals with communication and social media. He always arrives on his motorbike and plays the "electronic" [ref. granny Irene] guitar, but he still doesn't know he's actually a bass player


Rossella Recchia

She studied in the cultural sector and for years she has been moving between the city and small towns of the inland areas where she trained working in the world of associations. Her shy gaze finds the most incisive story in the lens of her camera that accompanies her every day. Her photos focus on the soul of people, places and things. Often JustMO images pass through her lenses


Francesco Messina

He has just completed part of his university studies in Economics and Management of the Arts at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He is very young, but he still chose to dedicate his education to cultural heritage... these young people of today! On his path, he stumbled upon JustMO, poor son! He builds with us contents and texts for our stories